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Minimalist photography

I’m going on vacation soon but you wouldn’t know that from facebook but I travel a lot. Even more so, you’d never think that I had about 77gb of photo/video and about 20-30gb on my phone now as a result of such an absence of any pictures.

I think there must be a happy medium and maybe minimalism has a way to an answer. I have thought of an interesting thought experiment.

What would a minimalist’s album of a vacation look like?

I think it’d be 2-4 photos. One of which is a picture, or two, of everyone you met. Another is the one or two absolutely most interesting things you saw. Maybe a vine or something mixed in for the most interesting.

In fact that’s what a photographer does really. They take a lot of photos with as much skill and creativity as they can and then they focus and simplify down to a few photos.

I’m going to do my usual thing. Take a photo of whatever and everything I can. After, I’m going to simplify like crazy and keep at most 20 pictures and video. Then I’m going to post 2-3 online in a private blog which is kind of like my journal.

I think that’s fairly minimalist, not too revealing, keeps memories, allows me to share them, and keeps them safe. Don’t you?